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So Rat

I’ve been hired and I’ve been laid off,
I am a white dove, take me or doff,
Banging my beak at my brother’s back.
I might turn a hacker but not a hack.
I am for real. Forget those rules!
Even if you picture me amongst the fools,
Go give your oculist his bread and butter!
I am not a cookie from a cookie cutter.
I’d do what it takes to grab what’s mine.
I won’t hesitate to anguish your shrine,
I’ll step on your toes and cease any vows
That stand on my way. Don’t raise your eyebrows,
Do not pretend you are better than that!
Years ago you’ve been just a brat,
And now you have grown up to become
As flex and elastic as a bubble gum.
Why, you are asking, I’m so rat…
Well, how would I bear if it all wasn’t like that?

October 7, 2013

DB SIG (Database Special Interest Group)

On My Layoff

One rainy day upon a time
I was inspired to go and rhyme.

Instead of rhyming I took a swig
And joined the famous DB SIG.

At DB SIG we like to dig
Why every pig requires a WIG*,

Why every bull craves for a tool
To tell a pro how to pull,

How to push, how to play,
How to plan a working day…

The DBSIG is in dismay.

Today my job is to announce
That my employment took a bounce.
It hit a wall not making a hole
But overall it is good for the soul.

I hear voices in the root:
“Don’t go mute! Reboot, reboot!”
I’ll take the virus out of the game,
I’ll curse the lame just to inflame,

I’ll leave this place in the cheerful mood
With thoughts for food yet mind half-nude.
I wish I had a leaf of fig
To trick the crippled DB SIG.

March 11, 2009

*WIG - Wildly Important Goal


Thinking Out Loud

I am old… Am I old? Am I cold and… bloody bold? Are my bones all scourged by mold?

Golden rule is not to frown growing mold on th’ golden gown… I’ve been told to quiet down.

Should I bow to those fools? Am I been bullied by the bulls? Well, I’ve learned... The golden rule is -

Glory rules,
Dodge the fools,
Punch the bulls.

Be yourself while staying unsold on the premise “I am old”.

December 11, 2013


Don’t Bother Little Ants

Don’t bother little ants.
Love your enemies and friends.
Don’t swear, be polite,
Kiss your mother, don’t bite.
Honor dissent style of life
Raising children with your wife.
But remember – after all
Sugar, fat, cholesterol
Bring your life to “happy end”.
Will you know were you went –
Hell or haven? It depends!
Don’t bother little ants.

August 10, 1999